Advertisement are welcome!

Tariff details are:

250 X 250 Px ad - Rs 2500 per month - Rs 7500 per three months

125 x 125 Px ad -  Rs 1000 per month - Rs 3000 per three months


Ad specification:

  1. Advertisement banner in the specified size should be in JPG format.  A click-link from the banner image will be given either to the website of the client or to the web page given by the client
  2. Only business which follow ethics will be accepted
  3. A strict 'No' to all multi level marketing companies including AMWAY, Emu bird sellers and similar ones
  4. Free one page web design for those who buy a 12 months slot
  5. Payment shall be made in advance
  6. Minimum of three months slot should be bought

For details contact : +91-9788971111