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District Livestock Farm

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Table of Contents

  1. History Of the Farm
  2. Objectives Of the Farm
  3. Sections And Functions 
  4. Topography and Climate
  5. Land Utilisation

History Of the Farm

Cattle Farm

The farm at Hosur was started in the year 1824 as Army Remount Depot, by the British people for rearing Horses.  This farm was handed over to the Agricultural Department of Govt. of Madras on 1st September 1924 as a Cattle Breeding Station.  The Farm was subsequently taken over by the Madras Civil Veterinary Department on 1st April 1938 with the object to maintaining the purity of the Indian Milk Breeds of Cattle and to conduct basic research on animal breeding and the Farm was redesigned as Livestock research station.  The farm was renamed as District Livestock farm subsequent to the reorganisation of Livestock Research station on 1st January 1970

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Objectives of the Farm

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Sections and Functions

Central Lines Maintenance care and management of Studbulls and quality cross bred bulls.
Stud Lines Maintenance care and management of Heifers and Dry Cows.
Frozen Semen production station To improve the local milch animals by way of cross breeding with exotic proven bulls to increase the milk production.
Progeny testing programme Progeny testing Red Sindhi, Care and maintenance of Sindhi animals.
Sheep section Maintenance and management of Mandya, Corridale cross sheep, Kidivalli, Thalaicheri and Jamunapari goats and distribution of Rams and Bucks to the public. 
Piggery Section Maintenance and management of White Yorkshire, Landrace and Hamshire breeds. Comparitive study of economic traits for each breed and distribution of piglets to the public in Tamil Nadu and imparting training in Swine Husbandry.
Clinical Laboratory Collection of materials and clinical examination, diagnosis of disease in the farm animals, conducting post mortem. 
Poultry Extension Center Maintenance and management of Poultry.
Chick History Hatching of chicks and distribution to PECs in the state.
Garden Section Production of green fodder for the livestock of the farm, production and distribution of fodder slips and seeds to CBFDs.
Longstable Dairy Maintenance and management of Milch animals, Calves-Bull mother Unit
Pasture Section Maintenance of pasture lands for hay production.  Watch and ward of all plantations, fodder and other tree seeding.
Soil Conservation Section Maintenance of roads, buildings and electrical fittings. Attending to soil conservation work of the farm.


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Topography and Climate

Total Area of the Farm:    164.41

Altitude:                            3015 feet MSL

Temperature:                    Max. 35 Deg C and Min 12 Deg. C

Humidity:                          30%

Average Rainfall:               84 CM  

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Land Utilisation

Total Area:                                 164.41 Acres

Hey Making Area:                      178.49 Acres 

Pasture Land:                             541.09 Acres

Green fodder production area:    354 Acres

Irrigated Area:                            130 Acres

Rainfed Area:                             224 Acres

Fodder seed production Area:      35 Acres

Bamboo Forest:                            82.12 Acres

Lakes and Ponds:                      313.24 Acres

Channels:                                    13.12 Acres

Roads and Buildings:                    77.60 Acres

Animal sciences university area    46.75 Acres


Total Area: 1641.41 Acres

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