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Chandrachoodeswarar Temple  – Hill Temple (Malai Koil), Hosur

Chandrachoodeswarar Temple – Hill Temple (Malai Koil), Hosur

  • Posted: Jan 09, 2014
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Chandrachoodeswarar Temple  – Hill Temple (Malai Koil), Hosur

Hosur Image
Postal Address :: Hill Top, Hosur 635109

Phone: 9042012135 / 04344-652172

Website URL ::

Map :: Locate Chandrachoodeswarar Temple on the map

Year Established: 700AD


Arul Miku Maragathambal – Chandira Choodeswarar Temple.

Pooja Timings:   Morning:    6.30 to 12.30     Evening:    4.30 to 8.00

Special Days:  Monday 4.30 to 1 PM  Evening:    4.30 to 8.00

Full moon (muzhu nilaa),  Prothocham : Morning:    6.30 to 12.30      Evening 3.30 to 8.00

Temple car festival:

Lord Chandra Choodeswarar Thiruk kalyanam:

Idaththin Varalaaru:  Arul Meku Chandira Choodeswarar and his wife Maragathambal, while coming from Kailasam, Chandira Choodeswarar became Lizard.  Maragathambal was following the Lizard, which was so decorative and beautiful.  They reached this place after traveling through hills and forests.   There were two scholars by name Muthkalar and Uthchayanar, who were on meditation.  Through their meditation power they identified the Lizard as God and they planned to catch the Lizard.

As these scholars tried to catch the Lizard, the Lizard disappeared.

Maragathambal got angry over the scholars and she hate them to become Deaf and Dumb.  after that she meditated and then Chandira Choodeswarar appeared to them.

The Deity: Chandira Choodeswarar  Amman: Maragathambigai

Tree for the Temple: Vilvam

Holy Water: Pachai Kulam

 Festival:  Festival is celebrated during the month of Masi – Panguni (March).  Its a 13 days festival with flag hoisting and car procession.

Speciality: Vinayagar in this temple is named Raja Ganapathy.  Infront of Amman there is a Sri Chakram.  Amman does not wear a nose ring but there is a hole in the nose for wearing ring.  Hair is well dressed and has a Kunjam.  Lord in this temple has formed self (Suyambu).    Jalakandeswarar appears as a Lingam and has a water sump like structure where water is poured before pooja is conducted.

:: Photo Tour ::

Chandrachoodeswarar Hill Temple Gopuram

Chandrachoodeswarar Hill Temple Gopuram

Temple Front View

Temple Full View
Temple view from the hill foot

Temple Tower seen from the top - Arial View
Temple Arial View

The Lizard

View while climbing the hill top
View while climbing

View of Hosur from Hill Top
View of Hosur from Hill top

Pillaiyaar Temple Seen while climbing from Therpet Village
Pillaiyaar Temple – Side View

Pillaiyaar Temple front View
Pillaiyaar Temple – Front View

Pillaiyaar Statue

Amman Temple View on hill top
Amman Temple

Amman Statue

Ramar Paatham in front of the Amman Temple on the hill top
Raamar Paatham in front of Amman Temple

Vinayagar Temple
Vinayaagar Temple

Anjenayar Mandapam
Anjaneyar Mandapam

Nandhi on the tower

Nandhi removed by TVS for Vaasthu reasons
Nandhi – Removed – Reason not known

Temple Pond
Temple Pond

Kalyaana Mandapam
Kalyaana Mandapam of Lord

Pachchai Kulam and Mandapam in the center
Pachchai Kulam

TVS Motors and Nandhi Story – to read, please right click and save the images to your desktop and then read

Pachchai Kulam and Mandapam in the center

Pachchai Kulam and Mandapam in the center

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Chandrachoodeswarar Temple Thiruk Kalayanam

Chandrachoodeswarar Temple Thiruk Kalayanam

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Chandrachoodeswarar Hill Temple Gopuram

Chandrachoodeswarar Hill Temple Gopuram

Chandrachoodeswarar Temple Kalyana Utsavam held at the hill temple of Hosur

Thiruk kalyanam of Arul Miku Chandira Choodeswarar – Maragathaambal is celebrated every year along with the car festival in Hosur during the month of March.

Marriage function of Arulmigu Chandira Choodeswarar – Maragathambal







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