Mallachandram Morana Paarai Kal Thittai

Mallachandram Morana Paarai Kal Thittai

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Mallachandram ‘Morana Paarai Kal Thittai’ ancient stone age remains is located near Shoolagiri – Melumalai – Malla Samuthiram village.

It is located 19 km from krishnagiri and 4 km from Samalpallam. Samalpallam lies on the Krishnagiri-Bangalore Road N.H 7.

The Ancestors cult was worshiped by the Megalithic people in the ancient period. In Krishnagiri District three kinds of memorials are observed and they were named a Cairn circle, Dolmen and Urnburials.

In Mallachandram more than 100 Dolmens are identified in the Moral Pari. Four types of dolmens in this single place.

  • Dolmen built of four vertical Ortho-stats with a huge round cap stone is covered by the top.
  • In the second type there are double circles made of vertical slabs and the fort hole is found in the eastern side of the dolmen. The tall vertical slab is in semi-circular top. This is one of the important dolmen found in Tamil Nadu.
  • Third one is having the similar architectural form of the second type of dolmen. But the port hole and passage are raised up to the port hole level.
  • Smaller dolmens are erected around the big dolmen. In other words a big dolmen was surrounded by the small dolmens. It looks like a group of people found around the head man.Few dolmens are having white colour painting in the western Ortho-stat and it is facing in the eastern side. These painting are painted in the megalithic period.
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