Rayakottai Mosque – A Love Symbol

Rayakottai Mosque – A Love Symbol

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John Kemple, a British soldier and the captain, who was stationed at Rayakottai, was in love with a muslim girl of that area during 1835.  He married that girl as per British custom and lived in Rayakottai.  During 1845, his wife died of illness.

Before her death, she asked her British soldier husband to built a mosque, in the exact place were they wed, so that her family members will forgive her.

John Kemple contructed a mosque and named it as Iktha Mosque in the year 1846.

Though John made an humble attempt to pacify his wife’s relatives – The muslim community, till date they never visit the mosque area or do prayers here.  This mosque is kept well maintained till date.

While Taj Mahal in Agra is a Darga, Rayakottai Mosque is a Symbol of Love

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